About Us


Bringing Rural Values and Entertainment

to Kansas City

Best friends Cody Heim and Michael Green from Leavenworth, Kansas made a promise to each other about 10 years ago, that one day they would own a ranch and live as cowboys helping other people learn and enjoy the rural values of country living.

In August of 2020, the friends dream came true in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas. Cody and Michael found the perfect property to let the three generation deep legacy live on known as "Watkins "C" Ranch."

Michael's grandfather, Charles C. Watkins, started Watkins "C" Ranch originally at the Atchinson-Leavenworth, Kansas county line on his property.


In 1995, Tonya Theis (Charles daughter) turned the ranch into a horse riding and boarding facility. As young boys, Michael and Cody both worked at the ranch learning the trade of equine management, training and instructing.


Tonya and her father ran the ranch until her father's retiring in 2012. Michael and Cody both moved away at the age of 18 and due to limited workers the ranch closed.

Cody and Michael reunited when the perfect opportunity became available to build a culture of horse loving individuals and who want to embrace rural values in an urban setting. The ranch sits northwest of downtown Kansas City. Cody and Michael welcome you to come to the ranch to experience the family-friendly rural culture as they educate and entertain generations of country loving, urban-living, horse enthausist.